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Just Call Me Star. Nice to Meet You !

As a loyal spiritual reader for a devoted clientele, my life's purpose has been to connect the the Angelic Realm where the Angels allow me to pass your personal messages on to you.

I am also a gifted Reader of Tarot. The Tarot and the Angels work side by side to deliver a psychically clear, balanced and informative reading... As an added perk, I have a strong background in Astrology which is filtered into my readings.

I am a fluid reader and can move through any topic presented, Love, Relationships, Finances, Spirituality, Life's Purpose, the Animal Kingdom, Dream Interpretation, and connection with those who have Crossed Over.

I stay focused and on topic. I am extremely Empathic; I can give fine details of Feelings, Thought Patterns, Past Conditioning, Reasons for Behavior and Future Behavior Patterns.

I do Predict and give Timing to the best of my ability with an exceptional amount of accuracy I only Need a name."I do not ask questions of my clients."

I answer questions or do a full reading without a question or even no particular topic if you so desire. I have a tremendous amount of Patience, Judge No One and most of all

"I Love to read as it is a great source of pleasure for me."

My Purpose is to give e you a way to handle your Daily Life with a sense of Comfort and Balance even in the face of your burden. I am guided to show you Pathways and Choices in front of you even if you choose not to let go of your fixations.

I am Truthful and Honest to the point of being blunt...but deliver the Messages in the Kindest and Caring way possible as

God and His Angels request that you hear only the ...TRUTH.

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